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Cross-Examination of a Police Officer

Most people who see the flashing red light behind them experience a sudden feeling of fear, and for good reason. Law enforcement officers vary in temperament, and while some are dedicated public employees, others may enjoy the ability to control other people, or to make a person fearful and concerned. Over the years in the Boston area, there have been countless incidents in which a police officer overstepped the bounds of the law.

Like any other resident of the U.S., law enforcement officers must adhere to correct procedures, and are restricted from various activities such as racial profiling, illegal police stops, excessive force and other violations. Some have become overzealous, or have a history of violations. If you have been arrested and charged with an OUI offense in Boston, you need to find out if the police officers involved in your arrest violated your rights or overstepped the bounds of the law at any point in the police stop, administration of tests or the arrest procedure.

It takes a great deal of skill to conduct an effective cross examination, and not all Boston DUI defense lawyers are equally skilled. Thomas A. Brant formerly served as a prosecutor, and has a high level of insight and knowledge regarding cross-examination techniques. A police officer can have sketchy details, or may not want to easily admit that an error was made. A carefully planned and thorough cross-examination can be a pivotal point in an OUI trial. Take advantage of the ability of the firm to conduct a well-executed cross examination of the police officers that were present at the time of your arrest.

Call Thomas A. Brant for more information about trial procedure and police cross examination.

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